Catching big eel along the lake, yellow eel

22 Abr 2021
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Hello guys
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Fishing is fun at making our feeling happy and enjoyable. Even it a bit hard to survive, but sometimes it's meaningful that money cannot buy. Show in this channel, I will upload videos relating to fishing with the best way to catch fish.
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  • Chutiya

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  • Yellow eel. The OTHER white meat..

    Patrick HorvathPatrick HorvathHora atrás
  • That's one of the biggest I've seen

    Jermaine RozierJermaine Rozier2 horas atrás
  • tangan paman seperti mata kail, dapat menangkap belut dengan mudah, salut

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  • Should see Cajuns catch snapping turtles.

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  • the water is dark. someone can just hand him the fish secretly.

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  • Tum log din bhr yhi karte rahte ho kya be hmesa yhi sb video daal dete ho

  • デジタル迷彩の胴長って⁉️

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  • Looks like me trying to pee after a long night.

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  • 思った以上にイエローなイールで笑う

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  • Filthy

    Gavin WJGavin WJ3 horas atrás
  • Good catching men when we are a fisherman we survive if we don't have food at all because we learn how to survive and eat the best food of the world, thank you for show us a good video so the world can see it good job.

    Sergio HernandezSergio Hernandez4 horas atrás
  • Museu velho da porra

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  • I just go through the drive-thru and get a fish sandwich

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  • fried ell or grill yummy...

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  • Don't try to fool us

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  • And then it jumps down his throat! "Prometheus" I think

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  • We are from Kerala 😁

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  • And now here comes another kind of Covid.

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  • That was awesome. Thanks

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  • Americans: *uses fishing tools to catch fishes* Asians: DA HANDO

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  • u look more horrible than the eel😱😱😱wrong turn brother's

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  • Dont eels stun?

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  • Good mantap

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  • 毎回喜んで捕ってるけど?何に使うの?食用?

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  • They bite also

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  • 😂😂 he is already holding the ell in his left hand lol

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  • The guy looks like mr. Xi xinping with extra long teeth

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  • うなぎ?

  • 와써~

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  • Fake acting eel is in left hand..and he digging soil from right hand🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 and instantly we get ill in right hand

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  • Fake as shit. Pending to grab the eel with his right hand when the eel was planted and pulled out with his left hand!!! 🤣

    D. KhoungD. KhoungDia atrás
    • @Stacey Obrien lmao. Wow, gullible much? If you think that video was real, I have a bridge to sell you.

      D. KhoungD. Khoung25 minutos atrás
    • No, they find the hole, then the direction of the hole and then agitate the eel into showing itself. It's not fake. Eels are excellent eating and protein is hard to come by in many countries. This may he their only good source of protein.

      Stacey ObrienStacey Obrien5 horas atrás
  • El chino está más feliz que el día de su comunión

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  • Release the fish back to nature.🙏

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    • And starve? This isn't America. This is survival.

      Stacey ObrienStacey Obrien5 horas atrás
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  • a lot of russians in the comment section. This video is really fishy now

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  • Good job dubby

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  • Fake af

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  • If you slow down the movie, at the end of the movie you will see that she took the snake out of the bottom of his pants with his left hand and put it in his right hand.

    Mehrdad JohnMehrdad John2 dias atrás
    • exactly bro

      Prakash DilliPrakash Dilli9 horas atrás
    • His left hand was down the entrance to the hole, then he used his right hand to force the eel into his left hand... that's why he was pointing to the hole he put his left hand in, at the beginning...

      RealityCheck 2010RealityCheck 201023 horas atrás
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