Chopin - Relaxing Classical Music

1 Jun 2020
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Relaxing Classical Music
01 Nocturnes, Op. 27: No. 2 in D-Flat Major, Lento sostenuto 0:00:00
Rogerio Tutti
02 Nocturnes, Op. 9: No. 2 in E-Flat Major 0:05:57
03 24 Préludes, Op. 28: No. 15 in D-Flat Major, "Raindrop" 0:10:40
04 Nocturne in E Minor, Op. Posth. 72, No. 1 0:17:15
05 Nocturne in C-Sharp Minor, Op. Posth., B. 49 0:22:17
06 Nocturnes, Op. 55: No.1 in F Minor 0:27:03
07 Nocturnes, Op. 15: No. 2 in F-Sharp Major 0:32:21
08 Waltz in F Minor, Op. Posth. 70, No. 2 0:36:22
Vadim Chaimovich
09 Waltzes, Op. 69: No. 1 in A-Flat Major, Farewell Waltz 0:39:43
10 Waltzes, Op. 34: No. 2 in A Minor, Grande valse brillante 0:43:47
Rogerio Tutti
11 24 Preludes, Op. 28: No. 4 in E Minor 0:49:15
Vadim Chaimovich
12 Études, Op. 10: No. 6 in E-Flat Minor, "Lament" 0:51:08
Rogerio Tutti
13 Mazurkas, Op. 33: No. 4 in B Minor 0:54:37
14 Nocturnes, Op. 9: No. 1 in B-Flat Minor 0:59:57
Vadim Chaimovich
15 Douze études, Op. 25: No. 1 in A-Flat Major "Aeolian Harp" 1:06:35
16 Andante spianato in G Major, Op. 22 1:09:03
17 Berceuse in D-Flat Major, Op. 57 1:14:35
Giovanni Umberto Battel
18 Nocturnes, Op. 27: No. 2 in D-Flat Major, Lento sostenuto 1:20:13
Rogerio Tutti
19 Nocturnes, Op. 9: No. 2 in E-Flat Major 1:26:10
20 24 Préludes, Op. 28: No. 15 in D-Flat Major, "Raindrop" 1:30:54
21 Nocturne in E Minor, Op. Posth. 72, No. 1 1:37:29
22 Nocturne in C-Sharp Minor, Op. Posth., B. 49 1:42:31
23 Nocturnes, Op. 55: No.1 in F Minor 1:47:17
24 Nocturnes, Op. 15: No. 2 in F-Sharp Major 1:52:35
25 Waltz in F Minor, Op. Posth. 70, No. 2 1:56:36
Vadim Chaimovich
26 Waltzes, Op. 69: No. 1 in A-Flat Major, Farewell Waltz 1:59:57
27 Waltzes, Op. 34: No. 2 in A Minor, Grande valse brillante 2:04:01
Rogerio Tutti
28 24 Preludes, Op. 28: No. 4 in E Minor 2:09:29
Vadim Chaimovich
29 Études, Op. 10: No. 6 in E-Flat Minor, "Lament" 2:11:22
Rogerio Tutti
30 Mazurkas, Op. 33: No. 4 in B Minor 2:14:51
31 Nocturnes, Op. 9: No. 1 in B-Flat Minor 2:20:11
Vadim Chaimovich
32 Douze études, Op. 25: No. 1 in A-Flat Major "Aeolian Harp" 2:26:49
33 Andante spianato in G Major, Op. 22 2:29:17
34 Berceuse in D-Flat Major, Op. 57 2:34:49
Giovanni Umberto Battel
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  • Classical music is the only musical genre that helps me concentrate for my studies. I love videos like this! Thank you

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