Friday Night Funkin’ - FNF MANIFEST ANIMATION BATTLE (Ft Sky bfswifeforever)

26 Abr 2021
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*screams on the street* THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 500K SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!
I didn’t expect to reach this massive milestone! qwq
I’m truly grateful to all of you who subscribed to me *sends all of my subscribers virtual hugs* (I wish I could hug you all but we're on social distancing, lol) hahahah!
By the way... Sky is 19 (The Character) but The Owner is 14
Correction? Sky is 19 years old but according to the Funkin' Universe, she has shifted through time.
So explanation at the end:
According to her Trypophobia Meme on TikTok ---
We can see sky going into a salon to improve her looks to impress Boyfriend... But somehow, she has been possessed by something(?) idk, I’m not The Owner of Sky. But that’s just a theory. XD
So yeah, this is another Sky Animation, hahahah (I'm a lil bit lazy *slaps myself*)

DISCLAIMER: Characters and Music are NOT MINE! This is all just for fun!
CHARACTER: Bfswifeforever / Maddi
--- Please shower them with love and support! UwU
Procreate (For Drawing the In-beetweens and Tweening)
Flipaclip (For Staging + Storyboard)
CapCut (Editing the Video)
Cute CUT Pro (For Editing the Animation)
7th Generation iPad
1st Generation Apple Pencil
TIME TAKEN: 4 days 7 hours
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