GachaLife TikTok Compilation #175

22 Fev 2021
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  • :/

    christine changchristine chang2 horas atrás
  • AchOoO

    christine changchristine chang2 horas atrás
  • 5:16 what’s the name of the song??

    srsss grsrsss gr3 horas atrás
  • 5:21 все пришли иза аватарки

    сона девасона дева13 horas atrás
  • El quien quiere ver al guapo bailar acá les dejo el momentito ū//w//ū 5:20

    Hikari ūwûHikari ūwû21 hora atrás
  • here yall 5:20

    KørlyKørlyDia atrás
  • 5:20 ✨Art✨

    stupid.clownダン_stupid.clownダン_2 dias atrás
  • 28:58 Had me dying!!!

  • Gacha abs be like | -|- -|-

    Rowsbud72Rowsbud722 dias atrás
  • 15:27 emo bois are back now

    Jxcka10p3Jxcka10p32 dias atrás
  • Are people dramatic on gacha or what-

    Elisabella HopkinsElisabella Hopkins3 dias atrás
  • 5:22 :)

    SevgiNur ArsuSevgiNur Arsu3 dias atrás
  • la cancion esa era de lyna de lyna no te puedo soportar :v

    nahiara barrionuevonahiara barrionuevo4 dias atrás
  • 5:20

    Etn JacobEtn Jacob4 dias atrás
  • 10:27 nein danke ich gehe dann lieber 😂👋

    Fee_ LiaFee_ Lia4 dias atrás
  • The only reason that girls don't feel pretty is because no one is there to listen to them and tell them that they're pretty without them saying they aren't pretty.

    ζPurityϟζPurityϟ4 dias atrás
  • 23:28

    Etn JacobEtn Jacob4 dias atrás
  • 22:28

    Etn JacobEtn Jacob4 dias atrás
  • You brasil

    _hendy__ do sensei_hendy__ do sensei4 dias atrás
  • 5:23 & 7:17 fir those simps lol

    Etn JacobEtn Jacob4 dias atrás
  • I came here for abs 😡

    Katie CookieKatie Cookie4 dias atrás
  • 5:20 😏😏

    AZBRIEL FaNAZBRIEL FaN4 dias atrás
  • People just be heartless i mean 3:57 I-

    Sherley normilSherley normil5 dias atrás
  • Hooiii i i i i i! Can anybody be so kind and yell meH what the song is: 7:39 Thanks Luv!

    Liliana Sabina FurmaniakLiliana Sabina Furmaniak5 dias atrás
    • suffer with me-líue

      - R ø s e m a r y P e a c h -- R ø s e m a r y P e a c h -4 dias atrás
  • 7:19 dam.

    ayesha irfanayesha irfan5 dias atrás
  • me when my ex tries to kiss me: 0:18

    ayesha irfanayesha irfan5 dias atrás
  • 4:44

    Margarita Córdova PasanoMargarita Córdova Pasano5 dias atrás
  • eu sou gay

    Juliana BarbosaJuliana Barbosa5 dias atrás
  • 5:20 CRINGE TIME!! r/gachalifecringe

    AmongAnime ツAmongAnime ツ5 dias atrás
  • im a liked 24:22

    aylil diazaylil diaz5 dias atrás
  • 5:2o WHY RE YOU LAGUHİNG!?*1*1*1

    moon lightmoon light6 dias atrás

    Marcial BeltranMarcial Beltran6 dias atrás
    • be polite and i will ❤️

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    hortencia ricohortencia rico6 dias atrás
    • yAz

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  • 8:57 im confused :

    Sarah MurraySarah Murray7 dias atrás
  • I gotta say the neon one looks kinda cool (With his shirt on)

    ax axax ax7 dias atrás
  • Hi 🙋‍♀️

    Zia Isabelle CarandangZia Isabelle Carandang7 dias atrás
  • 0:00 What İs Song Name?

    sApphiresApphire7 dias atrás
  • 21:14 No wonder she ain't waking up honey you got her hooked up to a lava lamp

    Temmie FlakesTemmie Flakes7 dias atrás
  • 7:04 has 2018 written ALL over it

    Proud KittyProud Kitty7 dias atrás
  • **spills coffee** 6:09

    Proud KittyProud Kitty7 dias atrás
  • what does violet17x mean on killing her brother?- whats it bout'

    Numa ViliamuNuma Viliamu8 dias atrás
  • -7:22 OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH 😂😂😂😂

    Andrea PaulineAndrea Pauline8 dias atrás
  • i was not expecting this at 5:22

    I DKI DK9 dias atrás
  • 14:23


    Izuna - UchihaIzuna - Uchiha9 dias atrás
  • 2:12 what's the song called?

    Holy waterHoly water9 dias atrás
    • desire

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  • Bruh

    Seleste NicoleSeleste Nicole9 dias atrás
  • 5:23 W A F F L E

    •Michael Schmidt Afton••Michael Schmidt Afton•10 dias atrás
  • 😲 wow

    Emily XolEmily Xol10 dias atrás
  • its 9:56 and im tired 7=7

    nobodyTuT bakugounobodyTuT bakugou10 dias atrás
  • The "baby" comes: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Mum:shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me: *waching youtube on my phone: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

    Christine SpoonerChristine Spooner10 dias atrás
  • Oh looks like someone’s going to burn in hell

    Kim ShookKim Shook10 dias atrás
  • ohh music aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mt boa

    zeneide Matazeneide Mata10 dias atrás
  • *chooses 'kill brother' *realises hes not your brother* me:which ones adopted?

    Summer OliverSummer Oliver11 dias atrás
  • 14:33

    Vivian CooperVivian Cooper11 dias atrás
  • The girl will be like: my child! 25:23

    Rainbow DarknessRainbow Darkness11 dias atrás
  • R.I.P your storage 😂

    • M I N T I E A N G E L•• M I N T I E A N G E L•11 dias atrás
  • ⚠️WARNING⚠️ ~pin this comment so others will see~ If you post anything related to gacha.. ✋🏼READ THIS✋🏼 There are bots hacking gacha tubers. They have inappropriate profile pictures that are usually intimate pictures of women. 🤍If you notice you get a comment with a profile picture like that with a comment anything close to: "@ Wow SO GOOD

    Gianna Jaycee DavilaGianna Jaycee Davila11 dias atrás
  • 4:11 Can somebody explain this trend to me? I don’t understand it-

    『Astheticz_ Raxhel 』『Astheticz_ Raxhel 』11 dias atrás
  • 2:22 could someone tell me the name of this song? Please!

    0•·Foxy·•00•·Foxy·•011 dias atrás
    • i dont remember the song name but its from icepeak look up "mama they think im a terrorist"

      - R ø s e m a r y P e a c h -- R ø s e m a r y P e a c h -4 dias atrás
  • 22:18 what is the name of the song?

    _łěrä__łěrä_12 dias atrás
  • 25:41 Wait.. How did all the bruises and blood show when only the face mask?? O.O

    DDDD12 dias atrás
  • 5:23 Ai ai assim eu desmaio( to no cll do meu irmão)

    Raphael RodriguesRaphael Rodrigues12 dias atrás
  • 21:20 she has no nose but her mouth is closed and she is breathing out of a lamp??

    Myla PorcherMyla Porcher12 dias atrás
    • its supposed to be a medical equipment thing-

      - R ø s e m a r y P e a c h -- R ø s e m a r y P e a c h -4 dias atrás
  • 6:48- Her: I am cool 6:49 ?Her & Him Wait gacha heat-

    _/Cookies-•-Milk\__/Cookies-•-Milk\_12 dias atrás
  • 13:42 wow so “attractive” they have good talent but uh- I wouldn’t use it to make odd stuff like this

    Strawberry JamKamStrawberry JamKam12 dias atrás
  • 19:33 gave me the biggest chills I’ve ever gotten because I’m only in 4th grade and it’s my first year in my new school because it was finally built when I was in 3rd grade aka in summer break and the school still doesn’t know the chances of there being a disaster in the school so we still have to be very careful and since I have never been in some parts of the school and a sort of slow runner I have no idea if I can outrun a shooter even with a weapon- and my school year ends in around 2 weeks and 1 month and I can never miss a single day of school cause my mom apparently want me to be very educated- so I have no idea if I’m even safe at school anymore- and the worse part about it is that i can believe the biggest lie in the world and I have so many fears that I can’t even think about how I can survive and then just end up dead which is one of my biggest fears- AM I THE ONLY ONE-

    Solar EclipseSolar Eclipse12 dias atrás
  • Sorry to say it

    seacast_riderseacast_rider13 dias atrás
  • I really hate abbs why you may ask because 1.weird 2.disgusting 3. And they have the alive abbs gonna vomit 6.🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

    seacast_riderseacast_rider13 dias atrás
  • 5:21

    TheminibeastTheminibeast13 dias atrás
  • 俄klem

    celsea celseacelsea celsea13 dias atrás
  • 21:59 what happend

    Mikołaj MikołajoczewskiMikołaj Mikołajoczewski13 dias atrás
  • 5:23 love the sound but the VID i- OH N O

    jerimiac basiriusjerimiac basirius13 dias atrás
    • its laffy taffy edited

      - R ø s e m a r y P e a c h -- R ø s e m a r y P e a c h -4 dias atrás
  • Someone knows the name of the song of the minute 19:02 Tell me in the comments. ._.

    Elena _ melendez :3Elena _ melendez :313 dias atrás
  • oi ye mates .-. just did this to say have a good day or night :D

    Shadow StormShadow Storm13 dias atrás
  • gimme bleach and i'll think if i watch again a boy dancing..weirdly..sent help my sis like: Egga wafels me: *prossesing what i just saw and heard*

    nina doumnina doum14 dias atrás
  • 23:21 i think shell say YEES!!!!

    Xx•Øceąn_ Wølf•xXXx•Øceąn_ Wølf•xX14 dias atrás
  • 10:10 It's 3:19am for me rn, and it's a school night

    JustVibzJustVibz14 dias atrás
  • The part when she realizes she has a dress on 6:51 Her: oh sh*t what have I done 😵 (BTW this happens to me all the time 😑)

    wasabbywasabby14 dias atrás
  • Lilly I can't believe you're in this game I mean video it's me Eliza Your friend Okay I haven't seen you in a while I'm gonna get my vaccine shot and then I'm gonna go back to school

    Eliza GonzalesEliza Gonzales14 dias atrás
  • @19:33 why we should skip school

    Death WishDeath Wish15 dias atrás
  • 12:31 be like: YaNdErAy RuSkI Idk how to spell it-

    Ashton DarkAshton Dark15 dias atrás
  • 5:20 - what is this song? )))

    Сергей КасаткинСергей Касаткин15 dias atrás
  • 5:21 😎😎😎😎

    //gacha nehir//gacha nehir15 dias atrás
  • 5:20 😎😏😏😏im girl

    Αλεξάνδρα ΑλεξοπουλουΑλεξάνδρα Αλεξοπουλου15 dias atrás
  • 10:31 happy birthday 🎉🎂

    Kenma KozumeUwUKenma KozumeUwU15 dias atrás
  • At 4:10 that's what my friends did to me they ditched me for my ex and I've been going through alot of depression

    Sour brizzZSour brizzZ16 dias atrás
  • 5:20

    ꧁Iker. M꧂꧁Iker. M꧂16 dias atrás
  • Omg, is amazing

    SvYonisSvYonis16 dias atrás

    Fliqpy Your Fav KillerFliqpy Your Fav Killer17 dias atrás
  • if u learn about prides like gay and leb u will get more views in tt

    Martina Louise AganaMartina Louise Agana17 dias atrás
  • i did blush at them

  • 3:03

    Melson officialMelson official17 dias atrás
  • At 10:53 I found kim possible-

  • 12:23 Can someone tell me whats this music called pls?? :0

    •Didi Ello••Didi Ello•17 dias atrás
  • What 🤣😂

    Lori DuncanLori Duncan17 dias atrás
  • Sad 😭🥺

    Lori DuncanLori Duncan17 dias atrás
  • 19:02 yeah bro 👍

    Carla EspinozaCarla Espinoza17 dias atrás
  • the tumbnail....

    Kiev Mikhail QiuKiev Mikhail Qiu18 dias atrás
  • 16:51 i don't get it can someone explain this to me

    Angel chiAngel chi18 dias atrás