Johnny the wild stallion shorts video | Friesian Horses

29 Abr 2021
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I think Johnny can't have a friend... he don't like Sjors... this happens when we walk with him next to Sjors.
Just a short video I wanted to share with you...
In the Netherlands we don't have shorts yet. but maybe it's a good one???
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Made this video: April 2021
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  • Little monster.

    Lana AlexanderLana AlexanderDia atrás
  •! 👍

    Debzy JDebzy J5 dias atrás
  • "...he's a little bit crazy, so I need social distance now!" ~Lammert HAHAHAHAHAhahahaha!

    Thea DesertMinx ReadThea DesertMinx Read6 dias atrás
    • ...any chance of a "Johnny the Wild Stallion" T shirt?

      Thea DesertMinx ReadThea DesertMinx Read6 dias atrás
  • Typical male!! You go, Yvonne! He's no match for you!

    TappychefTappychef6 dias atrás
  • For his safety you need to put him on a better lead and halter system that will control his head more for his safety and the safety of others and for the safety of other horses- you don't want him to kick and hurt himself or have horses lunge at each other and hurt themselves- thank you

    J AJ A7 dias atrás
  • Hello!! I look at the chestunt horse, i interessted the pedigree and the price. Thanks Janos

    BáttyaBáttya11 dias atrás
  • it's got to be tough being around those hormones all the time lol

    whats_her Namewhats_her Name11 dias atrás
  • Sjors was already putting his ears back before Johnny entered the stable. I guess they have met before.

    visse264visse26412 dias atrás
  • Oh he MAD mad...😅

    Shannon RochonShannon Rochon12 dias atrás
  • Johnny has a bad case of Equine Napoleon Syndrome.

    Megan FedorMegan Fedor12 dias atrás
  • WOW! that was a scary moment, I just about jumped out of my seat.

    Ingrid Blohm-HydeIngrid Blohm-Hyde13 dias atrás
  • Was that it ???

    Sandra ArnoldSandra Arnold13 dias atrás
  • Did I miss something? Where did the red horse come from?

    Dana GallowayDana Galloway14 dias atrás
  • If I was President, Ide have him as Vice President. He doesn’t take shit from anybody.

    God’s VoiceGod’s Voice14 dias atrás
  • Johnny the stud-muffin, protecting his territory. He demands to know who this big red with the white blaze is! He's not impressed with size, size doesn't matter to Johnny! 😆

    Sue Ellen BennettSue Ellen Bennett14 dias atrás
  • So who is Sjors and is he as tall as he looks ? We need some backstory. He is gorgeous !

    dobybeaudobybeau15 dias atrás
  • Johnny says, "Are you giving ME shade? In MY BARN?! I don't THINK so buddy..."

    Tracy HicksTracy Hicks15 dias atrás
  • He is much smaller than the other friesians, is there an explaination? 😊

    AttchisanAttchisan15 dias atrás
    • He's a Dartmoor pony.

      visse264visse26412 dias atrás
  • A lot of horse in a small body!

    Adel BarnardoAdel Barnardo15 dias atrás

    helenahelena15 dias atrás
  • I would be gone LOL

    helenahelena15 dias atrás
  • Johnny is the boss 😀

    Jacek ŁubianJacek Łubian15 dias atrás
  • Yvonne who is Sjors???

    Al Who?Al Who?15 dias atrás
    • Sjors is a KWPN horse of a friend of us. Later we will see him in more videos.

      Friesian HorsesFriesian Horses15 dias atrás
    • Al Who ? He’s a 20 year old Dutch Warmblood gelding and the lease horse of my friend & former intern at Goengamieden Elianne Shannon MOD.😊🐴

      Shannon DominguezShannon Dominguez15 dias atrás
  • Spirit be like xD

    Elder galaxyblue steveElder galaxyblue steve15 dias atrás
  • Who is that beautiful red horse?

    darklylitdarklylit15 dias atrás
    • @darklylit Calm down there’s no need to get worked up here on the videos you can find answers to many questions in the comments especially as many are asked multiple times we’re all a community who are kind and helpful to each other Linda did not mean any harm/disrespect with what she told you as it was only the truth. Sjor’s is a 20 year old Dutch Warmblood gelding who’s the lease horse of my friend and former intern Elianne she still comes to the stable to help feed & visit the horses regularly. Shannon MOD.😊🐴

      Shannon DominguezShannon Dominguez15 dias atrás
    • @Linda - sorry did not know I was obligated to read all comments and replies before commenting. Jeesh.

      darklylitdarklylit15 dias atrás
    • Sjors and you find the same question over and over already answerd here in the comments. So if you don't mind, lol. Linda MOD 🌞🇳🇱

      LindaLinda15 dias atrás
  • Ohhh that little Johnny 😂😂😂

    Robbin PierreRobbin Pierre15 dias atrás
  • Oh dear. Johnny behave in front of the ladies 🙄🙄🙄

    Anne BellAnne Bell15 dias atrás
  • Ha...150,000 views in 19 hours. Johnny is rock star. 😎

    Jeff SJeff S16 dias atrás
    • Yes he is!! 😎😎😎👍🏼

      Friesian HorsesFriesian Horses15 dias atrás
  • Hormones > Height..always lol

    Lee-Anne KLee-Anne K16 dias atrás
  • Johnny sure does take his Job serious. Don't mess with my Mares. Such a Big Horse attitude in a Little House Body. The Red Horse does stick out lol. Johnny is King of the Barn no doubt. Peace from WV USA

    Flying Pig PreserveFlying Pig Preserve16 dias atrás
  • Whoa, who's the handsome chestnut??

    Andrea LHAndrea LH16 dias atrás
    • Andrea LH His name is Sjor’s he’s a Dutch Warmblood and a 20 year old gelding. He’s the lease horse of my friend Elianne she was an intern at Goengamieden last year but still comes to the stable to visit & help feed the horses when Rein Sr asks or when extra help is needed.😊🐴

      Shannon DominguezShannon Dominguez15 dias atrás
  • That is a STUNNING horse! (Friesians are also very beautiful, of course)

    NoWrongLifeNoWrongLife16 dias atrás
  • Wow, Johnny is popular. He has alot of views!!

    Barbie NJBarbie NJ16 dias atrás
  • He's so cute. He has got such a big personality for such a little body! ❤

    Tina NafzigerTina Nafziger16 dias atrás
  • What a beautiful lightbrown Mare is that beside Johnny ??🤩🐎❣️

    Babs G.Babs G.16 dias atrás
    • @Linda 👍💡😂😂

      Babs G.Babs G.16 dias atrás
    • @Babs G. Nope, he goes crazy on all strange intruders. 🤪

      LindaLinda16 dias atrás
    • @Linda ahh okay ! I thought when Johnny goes crazy it must have been a Mare ha ha 🐎😍🤣🤣

      Babs G.Babs G.16 dias atrás
    • It's indeed a beautiful red gelding...😁🇳🇱

      LindaLinda16 dias atrás
  • Sjors is so handsome! Johnny says him being there is illegal, the gelding is not allowed near *his* mares!

    AkantiaAkantia16 dias atrás
    • That's exactly what Johnny says!

      Friesian HorsesFriesian Horses15 dias atrás
  • Gorgeous and strong, Johnny. I watched this short video several times, I was amazed by so much personality.

    NalaNala16 dias atrás
  • Omg Johnny you are so wild stalion

    Beatrix NagyBeatrix Nagy16 dias atrás
  • Love Johnny!!

    Barbie NJBarbie NJ16 dias atrás
  • My husband watched this video and said if he had money he would buy Johnny and a girlfriend for him. He says he needs a girl.

    Barbie NJBarbie NJ16 dias atrás
    • Well he got girlfriends once in a while, he has his own internet site for ponymares. If you know about studs then you know he can't live with others because of his high testosterone level, he will make a pony mare frustrated if she don't want to mate with him anymore. Did you know that? Linda MOD 🌞🇳🇱

      LindaLinda16 dias atrás
  • I feel like Johnny is the little tint cute version of Uniek😂

    EquestriaXEquestriaX16 dias atrás
  • This was Sjors his meeting with Johnny, Sjors is twice as high but Johnny says: "I'm the boss here, don't you fancy mah mares haah.'' Sjors is a very friendly big guy, beautiful dutch warmblood/ KWPN I guess, love his orange foxred color. I had a chestnut mare myself and chestnuts/ kastanje have black manes/ tails. Yvonne had her hands full with that feisty lil pony stud, lol. Here we can see why no big teaser stallions being used, far to dangerous, and also Johnny shows why he must be seperated from other horses, he will start nasty fights. Both are gorgeous boys.🌞🇳🇱

    LindaLinda16 dias atrás
  • Small but ohho ..... real man!!!!

    Michael MaierMichael Maier16 dias atrás
  • "I hate Sjors!" - Johnny

    TheEqualsETheEqualsE16 dias atrás
    • 🙈👍🏼

      Friesian HorsesFriesian Horses15 dias atrás
  • Johnny ist der Hengst im Stall, das muss er doch hin und wieder allen klar machen.😀😀😍

    Rita HessRita Hess16 dias atrás
  • Hey who are you? Get lost these mares are mine.🥰❤️

    Tramar HerreraTramar Herrera16 dias atrás
  • WOW!!!

    Friendly ObserverFriendly Observer16 dias atrás
  • Why is Johnny so aggressive the second he trots into the stable ?? Is it all hormones? omgosh! "Wild Stallion" indeed.

    AletaAleta16 dias atrás
    • @Linda ok...omgosh...what a guy ! lol Thanks Linda.

      AletaAleta15 dias atrás
    • Stallions do protect their herds and see others as intruders. Johnny says: "You stay away from mah mares, you hear." Lol🌞🇳🇱

      LindaLinda16 dias atrás
  • But WHO -not friesian - was there???? What is going on? Aliens??

    Ewa TEwa T16 dias atrás
  • Wow! That was exciting I bet this one short video represents this happening many times It looks like Yvonne has experience reacting quickly to him

    V WV W16 dias atrás
  • Who is that gorgeous chestnut horse?

    Arden ShadowalkerArden Shadowalker16 dias atrás
    • Isn't a chesnut chesnut brown with black manes and tail? We say here kastanje and Sjors to me is a red one. I had a chesnut mare myself. 🌞🇳🇱

      LindaLinda16 dias atrás
  • Wow! Good job Yvonne!

    Ready To GoReady To Go16 dias atrás
  • You got to hand it to the little bugger, he is fearless. Doesn’t care if the other dude is 10 ft tall, he is going to take him out.

    PeterPeter16 dias atrás
  • why is there a brown horse there????? They make movies about tough guys, like

    Angel, but please call me SherriAngel, but please call me Sherri16 dias atrás
    • @Linda Thank You

      Angel, but please call me SherriAngel, but please call me Sherri15 dias atrás
    • @Angel, but please call me Sherri This question is already answerd here in the comments, so if you don't mind you can find the answers on all your questions about him. 😁

      LindaLinda15 dias atrás
    • @Linda but who is he, why is he there? did i miss a video somewhere?

      Angel, but please call me SherriAngel, but please call me Sherri15 dias atrás
    • @EquestriaX Red/ fox***

      LindaLinda16 dias atrás
    • Chestnut horse***

      EquestriaXEquestriaX16 dias atrás
  • Johnny is a handful for such a small stallion and it looks like he means business. I am the only one, he says. Okay by me, your lordship, I say.

    J GalathomeJ Galathome16 dias atrás
  • for all those who have asked (and Shannon isn't able to respond to each person) - Shannon Dominguez - 2 hours ago: That is Sjor’s the gelding he’s about 20 years old and is my friend Elianne lease horse(she was an intern at Goengamieden last year but still cares/feeds the horses when Rein Sr asks her.😊

    battles146battles14616 dias atrás
    • He is a red beauty!

      d brettd brett11 dias atrás
    • battles146 Thank you for your help it’s very appreciated.🐴💗😊

      Shannon DominguezShannon Dominguez15 dias atrás
  • 🐎 “you lookin at me⁉️, seriously....U LOOKIN AT ME⁉️I’ll kick your teeth in”

    frank columbofrank columbo16 dias atrás
  • Oh Johnny! ... but who is Sjors? Must see a bit more of this striking red beauty!

    JackOllie4JackOllie416 dias atrás
    • Shors is boarded there temporarely and is the 20 year old lease gelding of an former interim Elianne ( Liannes namesake) who still cares for the horse at the stable. I think Sjors is an dutch warmblood or KWPN, our second famous horse breed, namely for dressage and jumping sport horses. 🌞🇳🇱

      LindaLinda16 dias atrás
  • Did I miss something. Who is Sjors?

    valerie lawsonvalerie lawson16 dias atrás
    • Valerie Lawson Sjor’s is a 20 year old Dutch Warmblood gelding and he is the lease horse of former intern & my friend Elianne(filly Lianne’s named after her💗❤️) She still comes by the stable regularly to visit and help care for the horses when Rein Sr needs extra help so it’s a great situation for all involved.😊🐴

      Shannon DominguezShannon Dominguez15 dias atrás
    • You can find out here in the comments, because this is asked dozens of times, lol.🌞🇳🇱

      LindaLinda16 dias atrás
  • I’m thinking that only Yvonne takes the precious Johnny out and inside while the red gelding stays at van g. Each day, a new challenge 🥰

    Pam WallacePam Wallace16 dias atrás
  • He sure is frisky for his age!!!😁👍

    G JG J16 dias atrás
  • He’s a feisty one!!!

    Judy CookJudy Cook16 dias atrás
  • Applauds Yvonne for this...picture/video speaks a thousand words. A good video to refer back to on comments. Also, this is filmed in April, Spring time. Any number of these: Hester, Ginny, Gea, Geertje, Eefje, Saly could be in heat...Probably all of them.🙃 Jonny testosterone has got to be in turbo right now.

    Jeff SJeff S16 dias atrás
  • W O W he’s a wild child 😂

    PJ EamesPJ Eames16 dias atrás
  • What a feisty chap he is. I think the the red beast was the problem.🤭🤭🤭🤭

    Pippa KayPippa Kay16 dias atrás
  • Sjors started it! I saw those ears. lol. Johnny says "Alarm! Alarm! That horse doesn't belong!" It's so weird to see a chestnut in your stable. He's sure easy to recognize, though. 🤣 💖🐎

    Maureen YostMaureen Yost16 dias atrás
  • Johnny is a tough guy, don't take it personal, sjors. Welcome to stal G!

    Limited TimeLimited Time16 dias atrás
  • Johnny has a Napoleonic Complex. He believes he is as large as Sjors. He also is the Ruler of All the Stable and Conqueror of Yvonne’s videos.

    Norma McManusNorma McManus16 dias atrás
  • Wildman Johnny !!! Lol 🙂❤🐴

    Shirley LaboyShirley Laboy16 dias atrás
  • WHOA!!!!

    Lindorie ThePallyLindorie ThePally16 dias atrás
  • Johnny is naughty but then again he's a stallion.

    Virginia RebyakVirginia Rebyak16 dias atrás
  • As with any stallion, he sees the threat and feels he must defend his Mares. Just goes to show he may be a teaser but he is still all stallion, and will protect his family at all costs

    Melissa WalkerMelissa Walker16 dias atrás
  • Johnny!! And who was that gorgeous chestnut?

    debra boltondebra bolton16 dias atrás
    • That is Sjors an 20 year old red dutch warmblood/ KWPN gelding, leased by an informer intern Elianne ( Liannes namesake) and boarded there temporarely. More to be found here in the comments because this question is already answerd . Linda MOD 🌞🇳🇱

      LindaLinda16 dias atrás
  • Yeah, I definitely agree that Johnny definitely can't live with other horses or ponies 😂😂! Obviously little man syndrome in this case with that massive chestnut! Johnny is still a handsome boy though, and it's amazing how different he behaves around Faya and your children. He obviously knows that he had to be gentle around small humans 😍😍😍. That chestnut gelding (?) is huge though 😱😱😱! Is he bigger than the Friesians, and what breed (if any) is he? He's another gorgeous boy though, and he looks friendly, although a bit worried about Johnny 😍😂😍😂. That mare in the background looks like she's saying, "Johnny, will you just be quiet and behave yourself! I've only just got my baby to sleep and I'm tired after running around after her (or him?) all day so I really don't need you to be so loud waking her up 😡😡😡!" 😂😂😂 !

    Stephanie Louise SladeStephanie Louise Slade16 dias atrás
  • Sheesh Johnny, calm down

    Karen RobbinsKaren Robbins16 dias atrás
  • 20 years old but still the King of the stable!

    Populier VogelPopulier Vogel16 dias atrás
    • And that big red the same age looks also younger. 🌞🇳🇱

      LindaLinda16 dias atrás
  • Johnny thinks he's a Friesian stud muffin. Maybe you could get him some fetlock extensions. What a character.

    Susan FowlerSusan Fowler16 dias atrás
    • OMG - Fetlock extensions.... that made me laugh out loud 👏👏👏🤣😂🌟

      M DeeM Dee9 dias atrás
    • @susanfowler Comment of the day!!! 😂👏 🤣

      Joanne PantaleJoanne Pantale15 dias atrás
    • @Molybdomancer Just a little one, then he would be fine. Or a small hillock. What he lacks in size is made up for in spirit!

      Noe CarrierNoe Carrier16 dias atrás
    • I always think he needs a step ladder

      MolybdomancerMolybdomancer16 dias atrás
  • He's a wild one for sure! He needs to polish his manners a little. ☺

    Connie WrightsmanConnie Wrightsman16 dias atrás
  • OOoohhhh who is the pretty redhead? Explain who Sjors is please!

    Elandria Broughton-SheardElandria Broughton-Sheard16 dias atrás
    • He is the lease horse of my wonderful friend Elianne who was the intern at Goengamieden last year but she still comes by the stable to visit and lend a hand feeding & caring for the horses when Rein Sr asks. It’s an agreement that between her,Rein & Sjor’s owner that he will be at the barn for awhile and Elianne will help train/care for him. Shannon MOD.😊💗💗🐴

      Shannon DominguezShannon Dominguez16 dias atrás
  • Johnny just letting Sjors know who's boss. lol :'''3 Love his spirit!

    Lillian2167Lillian216716 dias atrás
  • He sure is a “big” boy, and it’s amazing how young he acts! He is one of the most beautiful Dartmoor ponies I think I’ve seen. Does he produce offspring still?

    kk dockk doc16 dias atrás
    • kk doc Yes Johnny has produced offspring in the past but I’m not sure about any current “dates” he may have had as that is between Rein Sr & the owners of the mares so it’s all private situations.🤩😁🐴

      Shannon DominguezShannon Dominguez16 dias atrás
  • It's like any meeting between Vegeta and Goku.

    Green FolderGreen Folder16 dias atrás
  • Johnny standing tall, beautiful boy 💙 Thank you ❣️

    Sha ShaSha Sha16 dias atrás
  • Johnny small but mighty, love his kick ass attitude when he sees a stranger with his mares. But who is the beautiful looking chestnut?????

    Karen LuggKaren Lugg16 dias atrás
    • @Angel, but please call me Sherri Yes indeed it’s pretty special you’re welcome I’m always happy to give explanations whenever possible. Haha no worries you’re not alone with that up until recently I didn’t know this was possible either we learn something new every day don’t we ?😄❤️🐴

      Shannon DominguezShannon Dominguez15 dias atrás
    • @Shannon Dominguez that sounds like an amazing arrangement for everyone involved. I didn't even know that sort of thing existed. Thank You for explaining this, as im sure im not the only one who didn't know about it..Lovely concept for sure...

      Angel, but please call me SherriAngel, but please call me Sherri15 dias atrás
    • @Angel, but please call me Sherri Basically it’s an agreement between the owner of the horse & a rider that he or she will feed/ride care for & spend time with the horse for a particular amount of time(it all depends on the agreement made between the respective people)without the rider having the full responsibility of things like vet bills & farrier visits many owners do it if they have other obligations to tend to or become busier than they were previously and feel that leasing their horse out would benefit the horse or if they find a rider who feels like they want to improve their skills in riding or in a competitive sport and the owner feels their horse could help a young rider improve that can also be a good reason for leasing out.Of course every situation is different but mainly the horse still belongs to his/her owner but is getting the benefit of being ridden & having one on one time with the person who has him/her. Also different facilities can lease horses out as a way to both help young rider who may not have the money to buy their own horse but really want to continue riding and it also is a way to bring in more business to a stable by having it known horses are available for leasing but again it all depends on the people and facilities that do this kind of thing so everyone has their way of going about it. Sjor’s owner has known Rein Sr for a long time and she also knows Elianne so it’s a very good situation for all Sjor’s gets lots of one on one training/time with Elianne & his owner know he’s in great hands.😊🐴

      Shannon DominguezShannon Dominguez15 dias atrás
    • @Shannon Dominguez can you explain to us what a lease horse is? i've never heard that term... like a rental horse? that doesn't sound right

      Angel, but please call me SherriAngel, but please call me Sherri15 dias atrás
    • @Angel, but please call me Sherri For the time being yes he’s been at the stable for a little while already. He’s meant to be Elianne’s lease horse for awhile(not sure how long)But because she comes to the stable every now and then to help feed all the horses it’s a good arrangement as the lady who owns Sjor’s has known Rein Sr for a long time & she knows Elianne too of course.😊❤️🐴

      Shannon DominguezShannon Dominguez15 dias atrás
  • Go Johnny Go 😂😂♥️

    Amanda MasonAmanda Mason16 dias atrás
  • What a bad boy!!! With his small stature a larger stallion would kill him. Its good they're separated.

    karan coreykaran corey16 dias atrás
    • Karan they say follow the herd.... it human for us to think that but in a wild herd of horses a smaller herd stallion will challenge a bigger stud to test them if they would be acceptable as as 1st lieutenant stud for the smaller herd stud . It's a game of chess some wild herd studs do take on a partner stud (lieutenant) to help manage the herd of mares an the youngsters in the main stallions herd the lieutenant are known for taken on the intruding batchelor studs, backing up the main stud if the main stud isn't winning a stud fight , helping keep the young mares in the herd an chasing out the herds colts that are at breeding age.. Johnnys not being a bad boy... actually he is being good cause he listening Yvonne an moved forward to her commands. He could of refused an put up a bigger fight an gone after Yvonne physically or turned an ragged after the gelding.... you gotta think:feel like a horse does not like a human...follow the herd as they think

      Cinnamon's Vintage CellarCinnamon's Vintage Cellar13 dias atrás
    • karen Corey It’s just Johnny being Johnny I wouldn’t call it being bad,he’s only responding the way stallions will to another male in their vicinity but yes,that interaction right there is the perfect example of why Johnny can’t be with other horses.🙈🤩😁

      Shannon DominguezShannon Dominguez16 dias atrás
  • jonny going kick the new horse owww

    Maggie TangMaggie Tang16 dias atrás
  • what breed is the chestnut horse and what's his or her's name?

    victoria _annevictoria _anne16 dias atrás
    • @Bastian Stoll Thanks 👍👍🇳🇱

      LindaLinda15 dias atrás
    • @Bastian Stoll okay thank you

      victoria _annevictoria _anne16 dias atrás
    • @victoria _anne yes. Koninklijk Warmbloed Paard Nederland. In english: Royal dutch warmblood horse.

      Bastian StollBastian Stoll16 dias atrás
    • @Shannon Dominguez ty

      victoria _annevictoria _anne16 dias atrás
    • @Bastian Stoll what is a kwpn? a dutch warmblood?

      victoria _annevictoria _anne16 dias atrás
  • Wow Yvonne, you handled Johnny like the expert you are.

    Diana MarieDiana Marie16 dias atrás
    • She is definitely a professional!

      Janice WalkerJanice Walker9 dias atrás
  • The way Johnny acts you would think he was 10 feet tall. ❤️

    CryMarsCryMars16 dias atrás
    • Raging hormones ‼️

      Karen BaileyKaren Bailey16 dias atrás
    • That would be a real problem if he was 10’ tall

      frank columbofrank columbo16 dias atrás
    • He is isn't he?maybe someone.forgot to tell him.he was impressive.💗💗💗

      Joyce BauerJoyce Bauer16 dias atrás
  • Wow hes wild !!??

    Debra KildauDebra Kildau16 dias atrás
    • Johnny isn’t wild in the sense that he’s unmanageable or totally unhandled he’s responding exactly the way that wild band stallions will to seeing another rival stallion near their mares it’s just what stallions do he’s protecting his ladies by telling Sjor’s they are his hands (or hooves off!😁🤣)Johnny is actually quite calm & tame but only when it suits him like when Geertje’s young daughter Faya rides him,when she’s on his back Johnny is as gentle and quiet as a kitten but the rest of the time(as mr. stud muffin demonstrates so willingly here)this is a perfectly normal reaction/behavior of a stallion.🤩😂🐴

      Shannon DominguezShannon Dominguez15 dias atrás
  • Why does Johnny dislike Sjors? I think we need a introduction to Sjors

    Donna ReynaDonna Reyna16 dias atrás
    • Donna Reyna Johnny is just reacting to another boy being in his barn the way all stallions do but Sjor’s doesn’t seem to mind as he’s a gelding. And no putting the 2 of them together is not a good idea and won’t be possible,even though Johnny is a pony he’s full of testosterone and would try and fight with him that could lead to unnecessary injuries and nobody wants that to happen.

      Shannon DominguezShannon Dominguez16 dias atrás
  • Wow!!! But he sure is pretty

    NoelleNoelle16 dias atrás
  • Red Fox to Johnny: "? - Keep calm, buddy." :-)

    Dagmar AckermannDagmar Ackermann16 dias atrás
  • Such a brat 😂

    KariKari16 dias atrás
  • Wow deserve combat pay..... :)

    Ingeborg MIngeborg M16 dias atrás
  • Well Yvonne I’m impressed. Just like a gunslinger in the Wild West you were quick on the draw! You’re a huckleberry!

    Susan PatrasSusan Patras16 dias atrás
    • @Diane Pewitt I just watched Tombstone for the hundredth time and was feeling that western vibe!😊

      Susan PatrasSusan Patras16 dias atrás
    • lol huckleberry is my husband’s nickname 😁 but I’m impressed with Yvonne she is most definitely the a horse whisperer.👍🙏🏻💫😊

      Diane PewittDiane Pewitt16 dias atrás
  • Wow! That is indeed a BIG red stallion! Looks like a warmblood .

    watrgrl2watrgrl216 dias atrás
    • He is a 20 year old GELDING, probably a dutch warmblood or KWPN. Linda MOD🌞🇳🇱

      LindaLinda16 dias atrás
    • for the past two hundred years, the Friesian breed itself has been kept free from outside blood, making it a genetically distinctive member of the "warmblood" group of horse breeds -

      battles146battles14616 dias atrás
  • De kleinste zijn altijd het luidst 😁

    metalheartlady1metalheartlady116 dias atrás
    • @metalheartlady1 Och heden kleine mannen ook al, en ook zo gillen dan? 🤭🤪

      LindaLinda16 dias atrás
    • @Linda ja het is hetzelfde met honden, ook met mannen 😂

      metalheartlady1metalheartlady116 dias atrás
    • Moet allemaal passen in zo'n pony lijfje, net als met chihuha' 🌞🇳🇱

      LindaLinda16 dias atrás
  • Hahahaha...he cracks me up, what a stud muffin...

    Milkweed DreamsMilkweed Dreams16 dias atrás