K/DA - MORE ft. Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, Lexie Liu, Jaira Burns, Seraphine (Official Music Video)

28 Out 2020
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Ascend the throne. K/DA is back with “MORE,” featuring Madison Beer, SOYEON and MIYEON of (G)I-DLE, Lexie Liu, Jaira Burns, and Seraphine.
K/DA is a virtual music supergroup by Ahri, Evelynn, Akali, and Kai’Sa. Look out for their upcoming ALL OUT EP, releasing on November 6, 2020.
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Featured artists: Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, Lexie Liu, Jaira Burns, Seraphine
Written by: Riot Music Team and Bekuh BOOM
Mandarin Chinese translation by: Lexie Liu and Yixuan Pang
Korean translation by: Lydia Paek and Minji Kim
Produced by: Riot Music Team
Executive produced by: K/DA and Seraphine
Mixed by: Riot Music Team
Mastered by: Riot Music Team
Vocals performed by: Madison Beer, SOYEON of (G)I-DLE, MIYEON of (G)I-DLE Lexie Liu, Jaira Burns
Additional vocals by: Bekuh BOOM
Vocal production by: Riot Music Team
P/C Riot Games 2020
Music Video created in partnership with Axis Studios
Should we show 'em how we do it everyday
(na na na)
Let's get 'em
Akali that girl
Kali go grr
Kali don’t stop
Kali don’t skrr
Kali got a job
Kali go to work
뜨거워 언제나
Don’t get burnt
넘쳐흘러 more than a buffet
난 죽여 주잖아 like I’m Buffy
누가 감히 on my huffy
거- 문 열지 마 that's a rough day
I’m giving you more
Cause I’m greater than
필요 없는 시험들
답은 이미
But all of my numbers are talking babe
부루마블 mrs 모노폴리
너는 - 종이 돈이 나는 real money
필요 없대 너네들이 많은 돈들
Go get it go get it go get it the mission
눈을 못 떼 모두 그래 너도 그래
Cause I got it different
All I’ll ever know
Is life up on a throne
시작하면 끝을 보는 거야
You want
Know I got it
So here you go
You look like you could use some more
Know I got it
And never running low
Yeah I got
More than enough add it up and away
You know I got it like
Bomb bomb Blow your mind
Never giving less and that’s how it’ll stay
You know I got it like
All day, All the time
When I go it’s for gold
Yeah they cool but I’m cold
I don’t fit in the mold
I’m a rebel
I don’t do what you say
Making moves I don't wait
While I smile in your face
I got different DNA
What’s higher than the top
That’s me
Come take a look
Before falling at my feet
조용히 몸을 숙여봐
So take a look
나를 기억해 a queen
Way out
On the wave now
Never weighed down
But I know I know
You want some more
But I know I know
You want some more
Giving it all

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  • 3:25 So cute

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  • The trailer has more quality than mobile legends full game

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  • a esto le faltó más visitas.

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  • yosolovine por que lulu99 me la recomendo y me encantaaa la cancion no la entiendo por que es en otro idioma peroome gusta la energia y el ritmo

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  • This copyright?

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  • my bias is the one with the hair

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  • Riot used to be a game company that had a music department. Now, Riot is a music label that has a game division. ;)

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  • 80K disslike Evelynn's victims and Skarner :P

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  • Kda isn't a real group Me: The producers, arrangers and artists singing it and the choreographers are real 🙂🙂🙂

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