King Von - Armed & Dangerous (Official Video)

11 Jan 2021
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From the album "Welcome to O'Block". Out now!
Shot by @jerryphd
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Official music video by King Von - Armed & Dangerous © 2020 Only The Family Entertainment / EMPIRE

  • Police say waching me

    matthew gamertvmatthew gamertv3 minutos atrás
  • R.i.p Von

    Amadou BahAmadou Bah4 minutos atrás
  • Besides it’s crip all day on gang🥶❄️♿️💙

    kayla normankayla norman15 minutos atrás
  • Who else came here from a BRworld ads?

    Officer RickyOfficer Ricky16 minutos atrás
  • He still alive bc on his insta it day y’all thought y’all killed me it’s demon time and plus they never made a video for this song because I’ve knew this song every since it came out and I thought there was going to be a video and there wasn’t one and now months later here goes a video

    kayla normankayla norman17 minutos atrás
    • I mean on his insta it says

      kayla normankayla norman16 minutos atrás
  • 7m in 4dayz u kno dis nigga celebrating

    Jailani Saksii-PhrommavongxayJailani Saksii-Phrommavongxay22 minutos atrás
  • Man von good but 4 days ago he alive

    JjpostreamerJjpostreamer34 minutos atrás
  • I love and miss you soooooo muchhh Von omm words can’t explain I need to see you smile again laugh again tweet again go live again I miss you so much I just want you to come back already someway somehow I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART VON 💙💙💙💙🥺

    Mia LewisMia Lewis36 minutos atrás
  • Remember me when im famous

    Silver The GoatSilver The Goat37 minutos atrás
  • 7 million in 4 days Von period you know how your REAL supporters coming we never played about youuuu💙💙💙

    Mia LewisMia Lewis43 minutos atrás
  • Them 4K dis likes are from people who are gay

    Jam HodgeJam Hodge46 minutos atrás
  • Rip von

    The UnknownThe Unknown56 minutos atrás
  • dead or alive my nigga droppen beats on god

    josiah williamsjosiah williams57 minutos atrás
  • ♿🔹️🔹️♿

    Adolf HitlerAdolf HitlerHora atrás
  • Son: Mom, why does all the good people die? Mom: Bc people kill them cuz they are jealous

    Silver The GoatSilver The GoatHora atrás
  • I’m obsessed with king von even if he’s dead own the channel every day

    Badkidcam DrippyBadkidcam DrippyHora atrás
  • The dislikes are from the beard guy playin basketball

    Silver The GoatSilver The GoatHora atrás
  • I got to say it this is my favourite king von song its for sure platinum

    ALF_ EPG55ALF_ EPG55Hora atrás
  • Rip to a real street legend ❤️

  • Long Live King of Drill

    Twisty_ AloeTwisty_ AloeHora atrás
  • oh yuh jhit still snappin

    Dezron GrimmageDezron GrimmageHora atrás
  • Go von

    Cjaaoo yo gameCjaaoo yo gameHora atrás
  • Rip king von

    CoolninjaCoolninjaHora atrás
  • I remember when he went live when shooting this video.I thought he was in jail lol.RIP VON💪

    Vîñ TägēVîñ TägēHora atrás
  • Same like JUICE WRLD

    AQIF 1516AQIF 1516Hora atrás
  • R.I.P Man it hit me when u passed because i really loved ya music.🥺💖

  • I’m a get my revenge for king Von

    Nataelie JordanNataelie JordanHora atrás
  • The Slick Rick Of Drill

    Beverly OgdenBeverly OgdenHora atrás
  • Fire

    Maurice SmithMaurice Smith2 horas atrás
  • Rip😍🥰❤️😍🥰😍👀🔫😡🤬🤗

    Destiny HendrixDestiny Hendrix2 horas atrás
  • This. Lit

    Dloreal BontyDloreal Bonty2 horas atrás
  • Ayyyy

    Dloreal BontyDloreal Bonty2 horas atrás
  • Best story teller rip

    Mads GrosåsMads Grosås2 horas atrás
  • Ты в сердце🕊❤️

    kknapweedd mskknapweedd ms2 horas atrás

    Kam RussKam Russ2 horas atrás
  • You made everyone feel like they knew you and was their homie...when we lost you the world took that serious like we was all boutta bust on whoeva for you! REST EASY KING!

    dee kaydee kay2 horas atrás
  • Ya'll know Von was the best upcoming rapper in the game

    Matthew TKMatthew TK2 horas atrás
  • Gonna miss hearing new tracks from you #300

    Kameron BurnetteKameron Burnette2 horas atrás
  • 1:29

    ThelemonminecrafterThelemonminecrafter2 horas atrás
  • all the dis likes is tooka corpse on alts

    Numb WaysNumb Ways2 horas atrás
  • Von we know you not died

    Ricki IrvinRicki Irvin2 horas atrás
  • Man bring him back 👏😞🥺

    Kendra KimmonsKendra Kimmons3 horas atrás
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    E-MoneyjE-Moneyj3 horas atrás
  • Damn he really gone I just can’t get over this one

    BabyMinatoWrlddBabyMinatoWrldd3 horas atrás
  • Rip the best rapper 💯🤐

    Wkey XRazerWkey XRazer3 horas atrás
  • i pray every body here makes it threw this year

    Inayah KempInayah Kemp3 horas atrás
  • This is what rap should be!!!🥇🥇

    RaybansRaybans3 horas atrás

    Dondre-_-Beast7Dondre-_-Beast73 horas atrás
  • RIP king von😥

    Jns90Jns903 horas atrás
  • Smdh. 2 young. Was bout to catch fire nation wide!

    Brass Tacks BoxingBrass Tacks Boxing3 horas atrás
  • How is he rapping if he’s dead

    Jaicen BerryJaicen Berry3 horas atrás
  • GDK-Gangster Disciple killer

  • Geesh 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    T WalT Wal3 horas atrás
  • If he died then why is this video here

    Denzel FoschDenzel Fosch3 horas atrás
  • 😭

    Milinda ItsMilinda Its3 horas atrás
  • Rip

    Carlos GonzalesCarlos Gonzales3 horas atrás
  • Long life Von 🖤🕊this man was a real member his story tell it all.

    Young KingYoung King3 horas atrás
  • You my son I’m ur daddy 😈🖤

    lilboa 2klilboa 2k3 horas atrás
  • The girl at 0:41 is like "wait, he was dead, did he win the gulag?"

    Orxan AzizovOrxan Azizov3 horas atrás
  • RIP Von! You was taken too damn soon brother. Your music and fans will keep your memory alive forever though bro.

    BahHumBang AudioBahHumBang Audio3 horas atrás
  • You my son I'm you daddy lit LLV🙏

    clipssdagamerclipssdagamer4 horas atrás
  • I swear king Von was sum special His storytelling is lethal🔥💯🚫🧢

    Brady BalesBrady Bales4 horas atrás
  • Rip g we miss you 😢💔

    Alicia MarieAlicia Marie4 horas atrás
  • My brother baby

    Stevionna AndersonStevionna Anderson4 horas atrás
  • Police steady watchin me

    Izzy And the BoisIzzy And the Bois4 horas atrás
  • Rip Von...Mo3 first ever performance in East Texas

    Ranbo CountrystreetkingRanbo Countrystreetking4 horas atrás
  • Rip to my man's von

    honey manshoney mans4 horas atrás
  • Boy waz a threat rs

    413WorthyboyJP413WorthyboyJP4 horas atrás
  • I bang this song like 2-5 a day. No joke. Damn, I don't know what happened that day 2 months ago but Von should have stayed in the car and left and lived another day. He was way too talented. Way too talented.

    Booligan DiariesBooligan Diaries4 horas atrás
  • Fire

    Zaire WeekesZaire Weekes4 horas atrás
  • Von hard asf dc what nobody say 🔥🔥

    Aquan MooreAquan Moore4 horas atrás
  • R.I.P fly high❤️

    king ttrpking ttrp4 horas atrás
  • He spit some fire right there

    Isabel GunterIsabel Gunter4 horas atrás
  • More fired than song

    Lala schulerLala schuler4 horas atrás
  • rip von

    Lala schulerLala schuler4 horas atrás
  • but long live king von

    lego dudeslego dudes4 horas atrás

    lego dudeslego dudes4 horas atrás
  • One of the realist niggas to hit the rap scene

  • i lost most of my idols. X, Juice, Von, Polo G, Ski Mask, Trippie, Pop Smoke

    s1nghs1ngh5 horas atrás

    s1nghs1ngh5 horas atrás
  • One less nuisance of a human being

    OnieOnie5 horas atrás
  • Saying RIP to von is coo and all but once you bring 63rd into it, then people gon come on this bitch and say they smoking him, respect the man and leave 63rd out of it.

    Mag The MagnificentMag The Magnificent5 horas atrás
  • rip KING von

    Typical CanTypical Can5 horas atrás
  • Von was gonna SNATCH the rap game away from drake

    Lavish KayLavish Kay5 horas atrás
  • His storytelling was crazy

    Eaglefly 365Eaglefly 3655 horas atrás
  • 🐐🐐🐐

    Ar lapAr lap5 horas atrás
  • My sister said xxtxtentacion is not dead

    Jean HarperJean Harper5 horas atrás
  • RIP Von 🖤🔥 Faz falta 🇧🇷

    Daniel MacariniDaniel Macarini5 horas atrás
  • 🔥🎶🔥🔝😇

    Allure Kush GoddessAllure Kush Goddess5 horas atrás
  • Babyyy❤️

    Keegan BKeegan B6 horas atrás
  • Long live von 💯🔥

    InspektaInspekta6 horas atrás
  • Look like King von

    deon sweetingdeon sweeting6 horas atrás
  • dammmmn....... RIP KING🔥🔥🔥

  • such a unique voice damn rip

    Young BudahYoung Budah6 horas atrás
  • “You ain’t right, you get left” “can’tgetrite” diss

    Alan FloresAlan Flores6 horas atrás
  • I don't understand why this happens a new rapper comes out or just blew up but then tragically die and then I start listening to their music

    King TippsKing Tipps6 horas atrás
  • sad, people really leaked his autopsy pictures... yall are fucked up

    KodakKodak6 horas atrás
  • Man he was skilled, the rapid pause & speed in his flow! That’s a loss. Peace to his kids 🙏🏼

    Alan FloresAlan Flores6 horas atrás
  • Wait he not deid

    Jasmine MylesJasmine Myles6 horas atrás
  • rest in paradise brodie 🙏🏾🖤

    StayTuned MOETStayTuned MOET6 horas atrás