Minecraft GNOME Parkour Chase

26 Abr 2021
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The Minecraft Gnome stole my diamond, but I chased him until a surprise twist at the end!
#minecraft #shorts
Music: Gym Class Heroes - Stereo Hearts ft. Adam Levine

  • We built the map and did work with command blocks. Consider subscribing! 😀👍

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    • No

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    • @BALL SAC same.

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    • @Sadeem ShortsWHAT ARE YOU SAYING sorry i cant hear idiots

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    • @Ianis Emanuel then why should I waste my time fighting with you?

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    • @Ender Brine you too!

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  • Asi hera mi hermano cuando me robaba mis diamantes en minecraft me dio una sorpresa🤩🤩

    Kelly Guevara ilatomaKelly Guevara ilatoma8 segundos atrás
  • Tô chocans

  • Wait is that water in nether Always has been

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  • What music name

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  • Ma prendere gli altri 2 diamanti no? 😐

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  • Honeyblock no barier

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  • Where are they going

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  • 😃😃😃😃😃

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  • Oh.... kay? What has this community done to make it this way-

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  • He went through a Diamond and Netherite block, and Several diamonds and emeralds and he was running after the Gnome who had a measly diamond

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  • Op Bro ❤️❤️😘😘

  • Name song?

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  • You got mineone haha

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  • So you’re gonna leave the nether Ute block in the nether and chase a guy for ONE dimond

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  • I hate this but I watched every second of it…

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  • 😀😄

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  • Why did you just chase a gnome for no reason

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  • So pro dude

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  • Good man

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  • Pick up other diamonds

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  • Love Friends:)

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  • Pick up other diamonds

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  • Last short uff

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  • Nice

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  • Minecraft

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  • Yo so cool bro

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  • YES i want to make one but i cant get mincraft caz im broke

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  • Yo pensé que solo pasaba pa robarse el diamante xd

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  • Keren bangett, ak u juga mau gitu

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  • The only thing than i undertand of this videos is your dad and mom are cousins

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  • They jumped in a diamond block xDDDDD

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  • Just mine the diamond block

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  • Pas awalan Kaget gw sumpah

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  • Song?

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  • Mis ojos al verlo:⬆️↗️➡️↘️⬇️↙️↙️

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  • Blue

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  • Why you dint mine the other one before? or u should mine the diamond block? wh-w- Im so confused O_O

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  • Nice edit

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  • Когда позвал друга поиграть

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  • Wtfff

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  • This guy is a beast at parkour


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  • Keep it up

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  • Veery good

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  • Q susto quando ele aperece

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    • Kkkkk

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  • Plot twist: the gnome was scared that he will kill him so he gave the pic axe and the❤️

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  • Quw lindo y esa cancion le queda y me encanta la cancion 😍

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  • The 18k people who disliked the video are noobs at minecraft.

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  • Wow fantastic omg😲😄

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  • Name song pls

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  • Baka

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  • Song name?

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  • Nombre de la cancion please

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  • Only ogs remember that meme

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  • This is how I follow Jesus 😁👍🏽

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  • All that for one diamond? Jeez...

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  • He called u a chumb

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  • in the first of I thought it was Rio de Janeiro

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  • I hate this song

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  • I wish I could save this!!!!

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  • i think you are parkour champion

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  • Español

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  • What is this song?

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  • Leave gnome you can still take other diamonds as he has still taken only one

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