Shoshana Zuboff on surveillance capitalism | VPRO Documentary

20 Dez 2019
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Harvard professor Shoshana Zuboff wrote a monumental book about the new economic order that is alarming. "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism," reveals how the biggest tech companies deal with our data. How do we regain control of our data? What is surveillance capitalism?
In this documentary, Zuboff takes the lid off Google and Facebook and reveals a merciless form of capitalism in which no natural resources, but the citizen itself, serves as a raw material. How can citizens regain control of their data?
It is 2000, and the crisis has caused deep wounds. How will startup Google survive the bursting of the internet bubble? Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin don't know anymore how to turn the tide. By chance, Google discovers that the "residual data" that people leave behind in their searches on the internet is very precious and tradable.
This residual data can be used to predict the behavior of the internet user. Internet advertisements can, therefore, be used in a very targeted and effective way. A completely new business model is born: "surveillance capitalism."
Original title: De grote dataroof
Director: Roland Duong
Research: Tom Reijner, Halil Ibrahim Özpamuk
Camera: Adri Schrover
Sound: Jochem Salemink
Editing: Roland Duong, Paul Delput, Rinze Schuurman
Production: Marie Schutgens
Production assistant: Britt Bennink
Image Editing: Rob Dorrestijn, Paula Witkamp
Online Coordinator: Arja van den Bergh
Commissioning Editors: Bregtje van der Haak, Doke Romeijn
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      Kirk ThomsenKirk Thomsen27 dias atrás
    • @Julia-Venetian Cat Fine Art the channel "Rob Braxman Tech" tells you everything - how the tech works, etc. Even gives you an encrypted social networking place with group chat and file sharing.

      Misty CulousMisty Culous28 dias atrás
    • 2004 gmc envoy

      Frank MartinezFrank Martinez28 dias atrás
    • @Gone Anonymous To Stay Employed fantastic grin

      SpocksDaughter BantherSpocksDaughter Banther29 dias atrás
    • @Chris Kontennutzer Change only ever comes from 'the Outside'

      SpocksDaughter BantherSpocksDaughter Banther29 dias atrás
  • Lmfao I was so with it until about 15 minutes in she repeats the Uighur “genocide” propaganda. Shameful to repeat such grotesque distortions of reality for an imperialist narrative.

    Alex ColeAlex Cole5 horas atrás
  • why are they using the succession song

    natalie mulinnatalie mulin7 horas atrás
  • the whole pandemic and online education even worsened this in my opinion. so many universities used sketchy apps and systems to monitor students while taking exams, and what's even worse is that we have no idea to which 3rd parties all that footage may have been sold to. never have i felt more violated than when i had to keep my laptop camera on in front of me and my phone camera on behind me at a 2 meter distance while i'm taking the exam, and all that while also having to film under my feet, the ceiling above and all 4 corners of my room, AND also having to show my ears on camera to prove i'm not wearing earphones... what clownery

    AnamariaAnamaria2 dias atrás
  • 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    lenny kosslenny koss2 dias atrás
  • Before long the amish will be reeducated like the muslims in china

    Burton Rondo jrBurton Rondo jr2 dias atrás
  • if i write a comment here - i support google 😂😂 So now i will write a lie - to deceive them: Horrible movie - we do not have to do anything - i love how my goverment in an innocent way is taking care about our future and protects our privacy. 😂😂😂

    Micki PMicki P2 dias atrás

    MAN kindMAN kind3 dias atrás
  • So basically all these people that’s in the mental house for hearing things in the TVs and phone are not crazy.

    RevelationRevelation3 dias atrás
  • WOW! Is covid just a big pokemon go game?

  • These devices are know so advanced, the authorities wouldn't dare expose the real value to digital surveillance. There are technologies out there that allows peoples to be heard and there images to be seen, I mean images what your eyes are looking at, the actual person is is like the surveillance device. There is an app where real time viewing is possible. If anyone knows about this technology please reply to this text. I thought it could be Smart Dust but I just don't know if smart dust can work inside the body. Its as easy as giving someone a drink, and you cannot detect it, its very stealth and very effective and very dangerous to anyone who can get their hands on this technology.

    Savva AndrewSavva Andrew3 dias atrás
  • HELLO VACCINE PASSPORTS!!! I will feel so safe with it, thank you US technocrats in partnership with China!

    Juan InternetJuan Internet4 dias atrás
  • There's a reason Edward Snowden was called a traitor and outcast yet we've done nothing. He raised his life and gave it all so we'd know our government was spying on us and what did we do? Posted our lives on social media and moved on. HIS ENTIRE LIFE WAS SACRAFICED.

    InspiredDestinyInspiredDestiny4 dias atrás
  • UBER, data farming service YOU pay for 10 different ways every ride...

    Joshua BastionJoshua Bastion4 dias atrás
  • Enjoyed this vid but I could do without that weird sinister sound clip being played every once in a while.

    Laser ClownsLaser Clowns7 dias atrás
  • Excelente documentário, esclarece muitas coisas obscuras

    Daniel CheidaDaniel Cheida8 dias atrás
  • Was it just a coincidence that the development of the technology to enable surveillance capitalism coincided with the adoption of Patriot Act laws to allow broader surveillance powers to government?

    drjohnson98drjohnson988 dias atrás
  • Doesn't this "professor" know that we've already passed the Rubicon... our compromised government is ALREADY surveilling ALL OF US. This must end. Only we can end it.

    Bob KBob K8 dias atrás
  • There are WERE laws that could be argued and many stood up but the companies pumped money on to K street and the politicans participated

    Katherene WedicKatherene Wedic9 dias atrás
  • Fascinating!! Wow wow wow. I was spell bound

    Saga WangSaga Wang10 dias atrás
  • "Our ignorance it's their bliss"

    bruttosporcoecattivobruttosporcoecattivo10 dias atrás
  • Fun fact. The Playstation 2 sony eyetoy camera had a built in mic that served no functioning in games . but the cam could be used on computers as a webcam/mic with the apropriate unsigned driver.

    100PercentTHCfilms100PercentTHCfilms10 dias atrás
  • Years back a few friends of mine opened up some cable boxes only to find buried micro cameras and models that never mentioned these devices. No thanks...

    SquillyMonSquillyMon10 dias atrás
  • So much truth....surrounding the most important lie. This is COMMUNISM. Not Capitalism. Funny she protects her people.

    this guy right herethis guy right here10 dias atrás
  • Ass soon as she says "hey google " , my google gets triggered 😂.

    EmilthehunEmilthehun10 dias atrás
  • The word automata comes to mind.

    IEl trIEl tr11 dias atrás
  • Tes all absolutely corret!

    Stephen BlowfieldStephen Blowfield11 dias atrás
  • Subversion is taking up Right Wing talking points to confuse people. Silicon Valley is as Communist as this Professor. She would be OK with the KGB spying on people.

    Dennis HimebaughDennis Himebaugh11 dias atrás
  • Do you guys have Ads?

    MrR3set unMrR3set un12 dias atrás
  • This was awesome! Thanks for making this. I just fell in love with the professor. She has a great way of speaking.

    Buddy QuaidBuddy Quaid13 dias atrás
  • Is alarming

    jnprfilmsjnprfilms13 dias atrás
  • They are doing this with animals in wildlife. Tracking and tracing them as well. They got people signing up to volunteer to trace them. They are putting these things on birds I seen and reported it thinking it got a bow and arrow in it but found out it's a tracking device. They are trying to track everything, everyone and everything. All in the name of science

    Awaken RealityAwaken Reality13 dias atrás
  • Well ,it's either this or sitting thru hour after hour of shotgun advertising. I mean, c'mon, we are a fat, poor, sick, people, who isn't in the mood for pasta every day?

    AtomicRadius atomicradiusAtomicRadius atomicradius13 dias atrás
  • I have never owned a smart phone and get by just fine ─ but the outside world makes it increasingly difficult to get by without one; I wonder why. *smh*

    drumstick74drumstick7413 dias atrás
    • Same here. You literally couldn't pay me to use a smart phone. My flip phone is sufficient for all my needs, without the worry of being surveilled or succumbing to the myriad of ill-effects of phone addiction. And it's less than half the size and weight.

      Tarquin Fintim Linbin F'Tang F'TangTarquin Fintim Linbin F'Tang F'Tang12 dias atrás
  • Every decision I make is purposeful. I reject capitalism (yes, I’m typing this on a cellphone because it’s a modern necessity but it’s an iPhone 6. I won’t change it until it dies and only after I have it repaired, again. Then I’ll get an iphone7 or 8. Using technology or buying something doesn’t negate my fight against wanton consumerism. I may not another cell at all!) because that’s the bottom line of surveillance: money. Sure, “they” want to control you, but unless you’re a terrorist or law breaker you’re actually pretty “free”. These companies are wanting to sell my data to companies that want to sell me things. I don’t want things, so I wish them good luck Edit: Ooooh yeah, when Pokémon Go was first out (in what? 2011 or 12?) I was still in the military and put out a big “if you’re military don’t do it, it’s a surveillance tool” on Facebook (which I quit in 2015). Every. One. Laughed. Who’s laughing now?

    Seitan Beats Your MeatSeitan Beats Your Meat13 dias atrás
  • Thanks for exposing the companies.

    per haper ha13 dias atrás
  • Sheeple don't care. And the ones who do..who are listening wonder what can I do? This is more eye opening than I thought it would be. Everyone everywhere should use a VPN. I would love to live the simple life of the Amish. I bet life would seem longer and more fulfilling.

    True PatriotTrue Patriot14 dias atrás
  • i never buy "IOT" ... it looks a little to close to ID 10 T

    Shawn QuinnShawn Quinn14 dias atrás
  • the foot fall game. wow. evil.

    Shawn QuinnShawn Quinn14 dias atrás
  • the future is private. i think that means everything in the future will be privatized. - likely owned by a small number of billionaires.

    Shawn QuinnShawn Quinn14 dias atrás
  • Fantastic. Thank you.

    ADHD Alternatives HomesteadADHD Alternatives Homestead14 dias atrás
  • Oh vey! Shosha your okay de folvsa Ganymede.

    Eddie πEddie π14 dias atrás
  • I don't think she's heard of adblock

    Maxime CharestMaxime Charest14 dias atrás
    • I don't think you watched the documentary. Targeted ads are just the tip of the iceberg.

      Tarquin Fintim Linbin F'Tang F'TangTarquin Fintim Linbin F'Tang F'Tang12 dias atrás
  • I'm hoping to find some land in the sw uk and live offgrid, meditate and grow my own food - we're all quite mad now :(

    Jon HaleJon Hale14 dias atrás
  • This woman should get the Noble Peace prize for her work.

    Brian CBrian C14 dias atrás
    • @city KEYS whatever beavis.

      Brian CBrian C10 dias atrás
    • Nobel peace is a form of entertainment so that we can question them

      city KEYScity KEYS10 dias atrás
  • Very Very good talk... thank you

    Louis FeytLouis Feyt15 dias atrás

    judaspreistvlctjudaspreistvlct15 dias atrás
  • I don't think I have ever been on any comment section where nobody likes anyone else's opinion unyet here there are thousands...Just saying?

    Scott BirdScott Bird15 dias atrás
  • I value some of the information given in this video. I found the concept of "shadow operation" misleading. Everyone playing Pokemon Go knew what the game was about and people liked it. It did more for public health than any government program. Wanting to sell icecream or jackets doesn't make a person evil. No need to demonise people for doing normal business functions.

    Her StarHer Star15 dias atrás
  • It’s an unintended blessing to have no offspring when you see that this is just the beginning of totalitarianism. And it’s not just here but it’s global. Kiss your freedom goodbye. It’s going to get worse

    Dr. JonesDr. Jones15 dias atrás
  • We live in a kill grid. Once they implement and turn on the 60ghz milimetre wave frequencies. people will be dropping like flies.and then claim another fake outbreak = forced vaccinations.

    J LJ L15 dias atrás
  • This will change when the laws change and litigation begins.

    Brian CBrian C15 dias atrás
  • The embarrassed brake clearly touch because field frustratingly fax except a erect cave. roasted, alcoholic sidecar

    Nilam PNilam P15 dias atrás
  • WOW!

    Lori CartagenaLori Cartagena16 dias atrás
  • A little story: My wife and I were out in the back yard, and I wanted to listen to some music, so I went inside and got and old school radio with a cord end on it, came back outside and was going to plug it in on the deck at the back of my back yard. there was a small puddle of water on the deck and my wife made a joke, as she often does about not electrocuting myself, because I am an electrician. Not two seconds later her phone made a weird ring tone that neither of us had ever heard before. she looked on her phone and the message was a link to a page from Wikipedia on what to do if some one gets electrocuted. Neither me or my wife have any sort of voice recognition software or any kind of google assistant or anything like that on our phones, yet the phone was listening and thought there was an emergency and revealed itself by sending that link and the strange ring tone, I have made some inquires to some friends who are more in the know about these things, none of them were surprised by the story, but none of them could explain what happened and to this day I just except it as a ghost in the machine

    Stan KahunaStan Kahuna16 dias atrás
  • I'm surprised liberals did not scream to take this down .. YET..

    Mack JSMMack JSM16 dias atrás
  • This woman is the queen of word salad in a desperate attempt to sounds intelligent. The way she speaks made this almost impossible to get through.

    Karl SlopiankaKarl Slopianka16 dias atrás
    • ​@Karl Slopianka I'm reading her critically aclaimed book right now. Zuboff has done massive amounts of research analyzing and exposing the effects of the digital economy, which has burgeoned virtually unchecked for the last 20 years. There's plenty of ground to cover.

      Tarquin Fintim Linbin F'Tang F'TangTarquin Fintim Linbin F'Tang F'Tang11 dias atrás
    • @Tarquin Fintim Linbin F'Tang F'Tang Whats complex about it? Seriously...This video could have relayed the info/msg they were trying to convey in under 5 min. If you can stand this woman good for you. But to me she talks down to the audience like they're children or simpletons, as if everything she is saying is soooo profound.

      Karl SlopiankaKarl Slopianka11 dias atrás
    • I found the opposite to be true. I thought she did a great job of making a very complex subject understandable and engaging. Zuboff is a most eloquent woman tackling one of the most insidious threats of our time.

      Tarquin Fintim Linbin F'Tang F'TangTarquin Fintim Linbin F'Tang F'Tang12 dias atrás
  • "Our data might be used to help authoritarian regimes" Geez, back then when I said it in forum at 2018, I was called as far right conspiracy theorist. I don't even care about American politics. Do they really want people to stop questioning things?

    DunklerJägerZachDunklerJägerZach16 dias atrás
  • whao:)

    BSABSA16 dias atrás
  • Well this is a eye opener thank you

    Marco TavaresMarco Tavares16 dias atrás
  • The techno collective 'Future sound of London) (FSOL) did a concept album about this subject entitled 'Dead Cities' in the mid 90's. Proper scary stuff when you look into it.

    steven dunkleysteven dunkley17 dias atrás
  • Real news

    Scott BirdScott Bird17 dias atrás
  • The solution is very simple don't use Smartphone and don't put your data on social média , why would you need these shits ?

  • wow.. when Shoshana said "Hey, Google", my studio mate's device, which I had no idea was on, let alone listening, replied.

    Gregor MartinGregor Martin17 dias atrás
  • Wow, just wow.

    AzumiAzumi17 dias atrás
  • I used to think johovas witness were mad...they were right

    Scott BirdScott Bird17 dias atrás
  • Technology is not the problem, control freaks are. Today, we have all the resources, knowledge, and technology at our disposal to construct a beautiful world in which we all can be free, healthy, and productive. Only if those in power could see that as the best solution for the future of humanity and the world in general...

    ASMRepublicASMRepublic17 dias atrás
  • Today the very smart humans beings are avoiding to reproduce to avoid increase in this new slavery controlled's trade .

    Jesantoni HevileonJesantoni Hevileon17 dias atrás
  • And what she is explaining is MARXISM...not CAPITALISM.

    onemotherpuckeronemotherpucker17 dias atrás
  • LOFL...just what we need, a new Carl Marx. SMFH!

    onemotherpuckeronemotherpucker17 dias atrás
  • Wtf based commie.

    Gabe.Gabe.18 dias atrás
  • Yeah, they got us again just like when they used to give out free cigarettes in the 70's.

    arlene thompsonarlene thompson18 dias atrás
  • Obummer and biden are making the final sell of America April 22nd 2021. To china and russia

    a persona person18 dias atrás
  • I love how this entire theory can be destroyed in 2 seconds, people let them do this and actually dont care. If they cared about privacy none of this would be happening LMAO

    FyxFyx18 dias atrás
  • The Cambridge Analytica wasn't a hugh "whistleblower" Obama used this strategy technology when he ran and the Legacy media called him a genius. Only because it was used by Trump then they called it subversive only when the narrative was expedient and they lost an election that's what caused the outrage from politicians and the media, otherwise you wouldn't have heard how bad this was.

    Michelle MurphyMichelle Murphy18 dias atrás
  • That's it. I am giving up my smart phone.

    Raven 04Raven 0419 dias atrás
  • This is run by Intelligence Agencies. INQTEL was Facebook before Facebook. To combat them, we need a lot more than laws (they break laws for a living in the CIA).

    CoryKickzAssCoryKickzAss19 dias atrás
  • So her grand answer is "we need to give government more control" as if politicians will not protect BigTech.. No thx. No more government power expansions

    CoryKickzAssCoryKickzAss19 dias atrás
  • Cambridge Analytica was used in many elections prior. Obama relied on it too. Thats what these companies do

    CoryKickzAssCoryKickzAss19 dias atrás
  • They not only predict... they program ppl (manipulate us) to sell their agendas.

    CoryKickzAssCoryKickzAss19 dias atrás
  • So if socalisim becomes the norm will they shut it down and give us complete privacy?

    brad kbrad k19 dias atrás
    • If socialism wins, it means the people win because ultimately socialism is not just some magical abstract thing, but it is real people ie the workers/the proletariat that decide if we want capitalism or socialism and given how we’ve learned how capitalism exploits us and our data in this lecture. I think the answer is clear

      Leilah HLeilah H17 dias atrás
  • Algorithms are the reason why people are so divided these days. You are fed confirmation bias all day everyday, without a chaser. You start watch right/left wing videos and all of your suggestions are videos that match whatever political inclination you are.

    vforvendetta60vforvendetta6020 dias atrás
  • Zuckerberg is so deep in so many lies, that he now must lie out of necessity and obligation. Only fools trust him.

    Antonio Perales del HierroAntonio Perales del Hierro20 dias atrás
  • Social media will be the downfall of the human race.

    Eric DayEric Day20 dias atrás
  • We live under socialism, wake up. Its not free market.

    Juan MilanoJuan Milano20 dias atrás
  • Who.

    Aysia NorrAysia Norr20 dias atrás
  • I want to go and live with the Amish now

    Love is the wayLove is the way20 dias atrás
  • VPN's only offer very minimal protection. They only make it a little bit harder for companies and governments to find out what you're doing. Even with encryption It's easy for Google to know that it's YOU doing the browsing via a VPN on your PC, when at the same time the Android phone right next to you is constantly giving away your location date via the SAME internet modem that your PC is connected to. And who is to say that the companies who run the popular VPN's haven't all been infiltrated yet? THERE IS NO HIDING ONLINE.

    kcvriesskcvriess20 dias atrás
  • This women is a hero .

    Roger moreRoger more21 dia atrás
  • Biden and Bush showed us that no-one even has to buy your vote anymore coz it's now worthless... they just cheat and fabricate "your" vote for you, and you guys believe it too...

    leighatkins22leighatkins2221 dia atrás
  • dont steal my soul

    Gilberto SalazarGilberto Salazar21 dia atrás
  • Frredom and democracy relies on the blockchain

    Eric el NomadaEric el Nomada21 dia atrás
  • Yeah, because NOBODY knows that Google is collecting their data. Are you people serious?

    Death24Death2422 dias atrás
  • Interestingly, the video doesn't mention Apple, Microsoft or Amazon. Coincidence?🤔

    VanichShProtsVanichShProts22 dias atrás
  • We didn't get enslaved by the matrix we built it and pushed and shoved each other to get in.

    Erik ReyesErik Reyes22 dias atrás
  • India was so much smarter than Zuckerberg

    Cindy SebrykCindy Sebryk22 dias atrás
  • This so true. I have fibromyalgia and I have searched on line for help to understand it better. After I did these searches I received ads on my Instagram account, that I rarely use, for a chiropractor in my neighborhood that could help me specifically with fibromyalgia. Obviously I don't trust this company and will never go visit this chiropractor and will tell other people in my small community that this is a dishonest business owner. It's a creepy feeling when you know you are being watched.

    Cindy SebrykCindy Sebryk22 dias atrás
    • Hold on a minute, that interaction has nothing to do with the chiropractor themselves. They purchase ads on the internet from instagram, the chiropractor is not viewing your search history and sending you the ads. That's not how it works, and you shouldn't bash a local business because you have a fundamental misunderstanding of how advertising on the internet works.

      Nevyn NealNevyn Neal19 dias atrás
  • Blockchain Solves surveillance capitalism HNS top level domains there whole Business model is being destroyed more people need to research the. Technically behind bitcoin it’s actually ones the most important inventions of man kind you will see the future.

    ljs66bugljs66bug23 dias atrás
  • I can never understand the need to do Facebook.

    Todd CottTodd Cott23 dias atrás
  • The mixed hamster relatively force because step-brother greely fit unlike a hesitant difference. coordinated, impolite jaguar

    Jeffery AndersonJeffery Anderson23 dias atrás