snake eggs #shorts

9 Abr 2021
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  • I think the eggs were cooked and used as a trap afterwards

    Enock AsanteEnock AsanteHora atrás
  • Is it the egg really comes out from the snake mouth?

    A-one KerenA-one KerenHora atrás
  • So thats how a snake gives birth i honestly always wondered

    ray the personray the personHora atrás
  • Is this how snakes lay eggs

    Tyh FryhTyh Fryh2 horas atrás
  • 😨😫🤢🤮

    Patricia Valenciano CortesPatricia Valenciano Cortes4 horas atrás
  • Ew

    Ricky RickRicky Rick4 horas atrás
  • Das gibst nicht.was ist das?aje??

    lora dejmanloralora dejmanlora5 horas atrás
  • Im giving 5stars

    Jason DasJason Das6 horas atrás
  • Набрал а унести не смог.

    Dmitrij YanzovDmitrij Yanzov6 horas atrás
  • Y'all scared the ugly bastardization 🤣

    Yellow ManYellow Man6 horas atrás
  • "Here are your eggs, in exchange, I want to have you"

    fluzzlesfluzzles7 horas atrás
  • I sad see snake,give eat snake,snake too need eat and same as you.

    Dewi QweenDewi Qween8 horas atrás
  • Give eat snake.okey.

    Dewi QweenDewi Qween8 horas atrás
  • WTF!!

    ti cassianiti cassiani9 horas atrás
  • まさにDragon ball

    y 21oy 21o9 horas atrás
  • Its chicken eggs, funny it gave em back

    Ed WhitsonEd Whitson9 horas atrás
  • So That's how snake lays eggs🤔🤔🤔

    Neeraj AnandNeeraj Anand10 horas atrás
  • Бери ношу по себе, чтоб не падать при ходьбе!

    Grigorich 306333Grigorich 30633311 horas atrás
  • Приступ булемии? !

    Алина КлименкоАлина Клименко12 horas atrás
  • Missed the part where the gut shoved the eggs down the snakes mouth just to film it gag them up

    TCTC12 horas atrás
  • Snake: Last time you let my hawk fly away... Now, take your damn eggs... But wait for the next

    FREE247FREE24713 horas atrás
  • Dude leave the snake alone, she had to puke out a meal she might never get again.

    Electric BoogalooElectric Boogaloo14 horas atrás
  • 알 인줄알았나보네 며칠전에 유트브에서 사람도먹은 뱀나왔었는데 오싹

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  • Om nama sivyya namaha 🙏🙏🙏🕉️

    YES RAMESHYES RAMESH14 horas atrás
  • I cant tell if this is real or reversed

    Loki LoverLoki Lover15 horas atrás
  • WHOA😊

  • Its always had been an option for snakes to do that when they feel threatened for dear life. Also, snakes move slow when they're full, so its always been an strategic hasty escape

    Mirana LunaMirana Luna16 horas atrás
  • It’s a tuff economy these days even Mr.Snake has to drive instakart on the side to make ends meet

    jimms morrisjimms morris16 horas atrás
  • Still a greedy snake to eat that many eggs 😂

    John JJohn J17 horas atrás
  • Let that snake alone you ediots.

    Isdor ChuvuIsdor Chuvu23 horas atrás
  • Ok take ya stupid eggs back then I didn't want them anyways

    Pain & LovePain & LoveDia atrás
  • When you bother a snake after it eats it will regurgitate. It's a great way to ensure that whatever it ate died for no reason.

    Pierre DelectoPierre DelectoDia atrás
  • Evil animal in universe since the GOD created us and this universe

    Rai ShivaRai ShivaDia atrás
  • Rewind vid

    WantoMahoneWantoMahoneDia atrás
  • Boiled eggs. You do that to teach a predatory snake to stop stealing your chicken eggs

    MrCy101MrCy101Dia atrás

    pilar pilucapilar pilucaDia atrás
  • uber eats has arrived...😄😄

    I AM OKI AM OKDia atrás
  • Ghê quá

    hoàng Quânhoàng QuânDia atrás
  • What if they hatch inside its belly

    Brian KabueBrian KabueDia atrás
  • Or he put the video in reverse

    J&KTRIPLE _G_J&KTRIPLE _G_Dia atrás
  • Snake: oh! My bad I thought its my egg im just trying to put in my mouth for safety purposes and i find out its from your chicken... So sorry... There you go... 🥚 🥚 🥚 🥚 🥚

    Balolang ManokimzBalolang ManokimzDia atrás
  • Egg eating snakes have a special bone that use to crack open the egg to get everything inside, then they throw up the egg shell because it has no nutritional value for them.

    MetalGamerMetalGamerDia atrás
    • Also it looks like a cobra by the pattern on the back there and they don't eat eggs anyway...makes me think.

      Admiral SnackbarAdmiral Snackbar23 horas atrás
  • 많이도 쳐먹었네

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  • Pog snake XD

    gustavo vlogs 2021gustavo vlogs 2021Dia atrás
  • I guess I am old fashioned: I didn't knew snake home deliver eggs nowadays.

    Agent OfAgent OfDia atrás
  • What!!! Amazon hired snakes for delivery 👍great 😀😀

    B AdamB AdamDia atrás
    • I love your comment!

      Murat TuruljaMurat Turulja7 horas atrás
  • 1234

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  • എന്തുവാ ഇത്

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  • Не хрена ! У них курочки " РяБы,"🥴

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  • Is this how snakes lay eggs

    MikeMikeDia atrás
  • Dhxiqcv

    Theophile NyaTheophile NyaDia atrás
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  • Snake: Fine! Here are all your eggs back, now leave me alone 😠

    Brooklyn MackBrooklyn MackDia atrás
  • Italia

    Saverio Di StasioSaverio Di StasioDia atrás
  • The eggs looks boiled send the snake probably choked (couldn't break them)

    shake_n _pourshake_n _pourDia atrás
  • Athu thannittu poyamathinnokke 😂😂😂😂🤣

    Amanda unnikuttanAmanda unnikuttan2 dias atrás
  • Ok. Whos the funny guy that fed the cobra fake eggs?

    Logan TheRedOneLogan TheRedOne2 dias atrás
  • The villagers caught a thief who steal their loving eggs🤣

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  • Sambo maha deva 🙏🙏🙏

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  • I just kidding !! Boagk..Boagk..Boakg..Boakg .. bye!!

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  • Good job you just made him regurgitate his meal...

    Daniel RobisonDaniel Robison2 dias atrás
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  • So that's how snake babies are born..😆

    WEST MoWEST Mo2 dias atrás
  • Get the hell away from it. Depriving this thing of a meal for no reason

    Cog in the wheelCog in the wheel2 dias atrás
  • Ye kannada thi ya malyalam

    Gautam ChopraGautam Chopra2 dias atrás
  • Those looks like chicken egg

    Pravash PoudelPravash Poudel2 dias atrás
  • 😳😳😳😳😳😳

    Mahadevappa K HMahadevappa K H2 dias atrás
  • die arme Schlange beim essen gestört, sei stolz auf dein video

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  • Ye koi saap nai hai ye python hai

    Mahesh HariyaniMahesh Hariyani2 dias atrás
  • The eggs Is from other animal or Is from the serpient? I ask just emmm .-. I don't know xd

    •La Dona UNU••La Dona UNU•2 dias atrás
  • Leave it Alone

    Avinaash BadalAvinaash Badal2 dias atrás
  • And that's how snakes lay eggs.

    Dark AnchorDark Anchor2 dias atrás
  • 蛇の恩返し(盗)

    灰色青灰色青2 dias atrás

    Servant of AllahServant of Allah2 dias atrás
  • Wah apaan sih itu

    Zulkefli ZulZulkefli Zul2 dias atrás
  • Thts what happens when they swallow boiled eggs

    muziq rebornmuziq reborn2 dias atrás
  • 7 dragon ball 😅😅😅

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  • 🐍返すから許してください💦

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  • Apa itu

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  • No its not snakes dont lay eggs by throwing up. Its a snake actually only eats eggs.

    Granville DiamondGranville Diamond2 dias atrás
  • Snake: here’s your fookin money. Adios 🖕

    No OneNo One2 dias atrás
  • Cobra

  • Can someone tell me why this happened ?

    Rachel AlvarezRachel Alvarez3 dias atrás
  • Snake be like : Ye le tere ande ab peecha karna band kar, stalker kahi ka

    Abhinav anshuAbhinav anshu3 dias atrás
  • Dejenlo comer al pobre 😥

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  • Needs more Yoshi sound effects.

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  • Snake egg allada manda kozhymuttaya snake vizhungyatha ...

    Prakash MPrakash M3 dias atrás
  • That's how Pokemon was invented .

    The IndianThe Indian3 dias atrás
  • Are they eating these eggs? Fucking disgusting

    zlatniljiljanakzlatniljiljanak3 dias atrás
  • I give you my egg, and letter my husband take it back...🤣🤣🤣

    Heni SaptariniHeni Saptarini3 dias atrás
    • Hahahaha

      Rakha AdiptaRakha Adipta2 dias atrás
  • എന്തു വാടെ.

    Amar PAmar P3 dias atrás
  • That's weird, snakes lay eggs but not oraly as far i know

    Leeroy JenkinsLeeroy Jenkins3 dias atrás
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    luna nocturnaluna nocturna3 dias atrás
  • 황금 알인가? ㅋㅋ

    이선우이선우3 dias atrás
  • Pez dispenser, except... Eggs dispenser.

    That British TrashbagThat British Trashbag3 dias atrás
  • The snake that married with the chicken;;;;

    35말짜35말짜3 dias atrás