Tip Chocolate Hacks With Balloon

26 Mar 2021
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    • Yes you are right

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  • That brings a whole different meaning for your food being rubbery

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  • Que padre está muy bueno me encantó lo voy a intentar 😃❤️

  • Like im no chemist but dont ballons have Chemicals or something so it doesnt stick ? XD

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  • Es más fácil comerse el chocolate directamente

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  • I thought yall were going to prank someone lol🤣

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  • I thought 5minute crafts was dumb.....but....this person is trying to be the smartest dumb guy

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  • or you can just *buy a chocolate mold*

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  • Nice result.. But.. Isn't smelly and unsafe for the Healt to use a balloon like that?

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  • Everyone: Omg cool hack Me: OMG YAY I FINALLY KNOW HOW TO TIE MY SHOES & BALLOONS!!!

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  • 5 minutes crafts be like: we will show u how to survive while being kidnapped! 1:go annoy the kidnapper! 2. wait till he hits you! 3. boom its the oppisite😋

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  • I like that song, the name??

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  • Theres something called cleaning a balloon 🤩

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  • 20%chocolate flavour 80% balloon

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  • Salió bien el chocolate solo que me parece Anti higiénico por el globo 😒

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