TOp 25 🌷🌸 Oh mY GoD, i tHiNk I'm DyiNg MemE 🌷🌸 Meme || [Ep.1] 👑 gAcHa LiFe & GaChA cLuB✔️❤️

5 Abr 2021
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TOp 25🌹🌼 Oh mY GoD, i tHiNk I'm DyiNg MemE 🌼🌹Meme || [Ep.1] 👑 gAcHa LiFe & GaChA cLuB✔️❤️
W A T C H I N G ! !
S U B S C R I B E F O R M O R E :D

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  • 2:48 omg if you thought you were dying then why wouldn’t you go to a hospital? 🤨

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  • Remember. The boy who cryied wolf. The third time no-one came.

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  • Hope this is corona virus and the prank at 8:56 at this video

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    • You know why i said corona because its quarantine

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  • Oh my god I think I'm dying!!! *7yr old me in the swimming pool pretending to be sinking to see what my parents and siblings do.*

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  • Gacı lıyfe .d

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  • Lesson Learnd help anybody even tho they do pranks a lot u must help

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  • Me: tells my mom I feel sick every single day, Her: telling me I’m overreacting Me: *ends up having a virus that eats me from the inside* 😀

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    • Have no idea how you are alive and commenting this if there is a virus that does that- I just checked and there’s no such thing as a sort of virus that eats you from the inside out, there’s a bacteria but i doubt you have it, i’m sorry if you really do but it’s just unexpected for people to say this-

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  • The second one was funni

  • This is stuck in my head I’m playing it everyday and imma make one

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  • 0:21 no entendi ;-; ¿eso es algo bueno no?:v Edit:por favor no digan que soy la única que habla español 😔xd

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  • 0:45 oh my gosh hahah oh dear

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  • fact they wont help they will stand there and die also

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  • fact -they will yell-they will see u faint- they cheack on u- they cry- they die also -real fact

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  • does this mean that the more physically hurt you are, the more good? Only Jesus and Mary are perfect

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  • ... amongus

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  • God is black not white

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  • At normal it sounds like omg i feel exsiting

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  • Y que pasa si eres muy buena persona pero eres Homosexual? Solo por eso te vas al infierno o como funciona? .-.

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  • so best when deku dead hahahhahsshashshshs its prank so sad when deku dead

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  • 7:19 what about doggy? He is better than that disgusting rabbit

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  • why is death and murder a trend? this is fucked up.

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  • Fun fact:There no people that never did something wrong..

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    • And it's not funny that your joking to your bff if you feel dying because if you say that it's just making your bff feel uncomfortable and you may getting a karma..

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  • I hate the nurse in the first one omggg

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  • Funeral: He/she last words were “omgg think I’m dying”

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  • Aquí está el comentario en Español que tanto buscabas nwn🌌✨

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  • moral of the story: the nicest people die the most painful and brutal death

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  • This is actually a good lesson: 1:33 This type of thing appeared in one of my books in the library There was this farmer where he was pranking people that he saw a tiger trying to eat the goats so these two farmers came and checked Then he laughed and said ‘that was a prank!’ He kept on doing it until there actually was a tiger. he screamed! But then the other farmers ignored him because they thought it was another prank. Bahasa Melayu: Ini sebenarnya pelajaran yang baik: 1:33 Jenis perkara ini muncul di salah satu buku saya di perpustakaan Di sana ada petani di mana dia mencurigai orang bahawa dia melihat seekor harimau sedang berusaha memakan kambing sehingga kedua petani ini datang dan memeriksa Kemudian dia ketawa dan berkata 'itu adalah lelucon!' Dia terus melakukannya sehingga benar-benar ada harimau. dia menjerit! Tetapi kemudian para petani lain tidak mengendahkannya kerana mereka menganggap itu adalah lelucon lain.

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