Criatório Neves - Rodrigo Neves

Criatório Neves - Rodrigo Neves

Welcome to the Criatório Neves channel!

With weekly videos, the channel is presented by Rodrigo Neves and aims to share, in a simple and direct way, rich content for poultry lovers, mainly in the free-range chicken farming system. We want to inspire these people to acquire knowledge about management, different breeds of birds, how to start their free-range chicken farming, avoid mortality losses, start a business with laying hens or purebred hens.

We also visit fairs around Brazil, and other poultry farms, seeking knowledge of the popular saying, along with technical knowledge.

Want to know everything about poultry farming? You're in the right place, here we have the best content, along with the best information for you, every week new content.

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